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Introduction to Catch The Asteroid

Catch The Asteroid

Objective: The first player to catch the asteroid 10 times wins the game. However, if you close the gates without catching the object, the number of catches remaining for you to win increases by 1. Also, if a player's catches remaining to win reaches 20, he/she loses and the other player wins by default.

Directions: This is a two player game. Player 1 controls his/her set of gates by pressing a key on the keyboard (yes, that's right ANY key on the keyboard, go crazy, knock yourself out!), and Player 2 makes his/her gates open/close by clicking almost anywhere on the screen.

Tips: For best results use 1024x768 px or higher resolution.

Well, that's all there is to it,Good Luck, earth's counting on you!


Note: This isn't something I'm immensely proud of, but, nonetheless, I've spent a great deal of time developing it, and feel that this game deserves a place on my website. What's more, it doesn't even function correctly! Not because of errors in the code (ahem), but simply because, oh I don't know but it sure isn't the code, THE CODE IS PERFECT.

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