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Thank you for a great service, even the AA did not recognise the postcode I entered. How about doing route maps??... Regards, Libby. (Tue, 5 Jul 2005)
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This website, true to its name, means nothing. It's just a place for me to try out and share some cool scripts every now and then. Have a look around for the off chance that you may find something useful for yourself here. And remember to click on a couple of Ads while you're here to help keep this website running.
Geographical Distance Calculator

06/04/2006: Use the Geographical Distance Calculator to calculate the distance between ANY two cities in the world or even US Zip Codes and UK Postcodes or any combination of the above!

06/04/2006: It's here, it's finally here! Support for US ZIP Codes finally added! Calculate the distance between any two UK or US postcodes and even between a UK postcode and a US ZIP Code, and that's not all, there are maps too, nasty.

12/07/2005: The Postcode based Geographical Distance Calculator calculates the geographical distance between two UK (US coming soon, hopefully) postcodes. Please note that this distance is much shorter than the travelling distance as it's merely the distance between two points on earth in a straight line.

The only reason this application exists is because I found a free CSV containing UK postcode information (shouts to http://www.jibble.org) and felt a rather annoying urge to put it to some use. I'm still looking for a similar file containing US ZIP Code information. I know there are a lot of websites that sell such information but I want it free. If you know anything about it please drop me a line here.

Postcode Finder

20/03/2007: Google Maps added.

06/04/2006: Although the distance calculator works with US ZIP Codes now, but I still don't have a CSV, have done workaround for it, when I find enough time and patience, will do it for this one as well.

12/07/2005: The Postcode Finder is yet another application that resulted for the same reasons as the previous one. I personally like it much better than the last one. It returns a list of postcodes within a specified distance from a given postcode.

Again, it's functionality is limited only to UK postcodes owing to the unavailability of free US ZIP Code information as explained above.

Yahoo! Status Checker
Use this tool to check who is currently online on Yahoo! Messenger. If someone is invisible, they will appear offline here, however, if they've chosen to appear invisible exclusively to you using the "stealth settings" feature they will appear online to you here.
The uD MessageBoards v1.0 Beta

12/06/2005: Finally, the uD MessageBoards have arrived! It's taken a lot of time and effort reinventing the wheel, no scripts borrowed from anywhere.

The functionality is however limited and there is A LOT of room for improvement. There may be a lot of bugs in the system, if you care enough, please let me know as and when you find them. I'm just too tired to write anything more right now in this section.

28/06/2005: I have made massive changes to the layout of this website on 28/06/2005, but haven't yet touched this section, therefore it's looks are in a real mess. I strongly recommend that you keep away until I fix it. If you still want to have a look, click here.

Test Your Handedness
No one is an absolute left-hander or a right-hander. Take this test to find out a measure of your handedness, you may be surprised by the results. Have a look at the statistics once you're done with the test to find out how previous test takers have fared as compared to you. All tests are taken anonymously, of course.
Catch The Asteroid
This isn't something I'm immensely proud of, but, nonetheless, I've spent a great deal of time developing it, and feel that this game deserves a place on my website. What's more, it doesn't even function correctly! Not because of errors in the code (ahem), but simply because, oh I don't know but it sure isn't the code, THE CODE IS PERFECT.
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